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Caprichos femininos

ANTOINETTE - Caprichos femininos

Goya has developed his Los Caprichos with an immense virtuosity only with a single colour, the Black. These drawn pictures are full of clever analysis, emotional commitment, passionate intelligence and sensitive investigation. At the same time they are translated into signs which became true symbols for the emotional memory of the art history until today. He describes with such a relentlessly dedication the deep inner conflict of his compatriots, their brutal and often silly actions, their often shortsighted and enticing mood and makes their attitude so memorable, that we will not forget. And he is modern. He believes in the signs of human attitude, animal demons, which are sitting right on the chest of all souls, donkeys as doctors, Mayas, old match makers and soul sellers, which are always hover around. He translates the contradictions of his time into person, animals, mythical figures which are involves in strange stories, what appeals at that time (and today) to consider for vital reflexion. ANTOINETTES Capriccios Feminina are holding on to this railing. Women are the key players, they are quite close-knit to birds and wild boars, gigantic dogs and hermaphrodites who are walking and talking in several directions at the same time, with roe deer heads, elephants and chickens. Also reduced in to the colour Black, on the way with the pencil of lead, these drawings paint what you only can feel, time description, biography which only can explain itself in these pictures. Words would destroy the riddles which can move us to deep self-communion and can make deep feelings able. If we take the time to get involved into this world of fantasy, then we will feel pain, which superficiality and stupidity leave. We will see him...³

ANTOINETTE - Projekt Europa

Europa und ihre Narren, 150x300, 2013

Project Europe

Since decades I am busy with myths and legends and their wonderful archetypical imagery. From my point of view they are of great importance for the treasury of communication and their importance is not only signifant for our own European culture alone. Europe’s cultural roots are dissolving through psychological and economical (restructuring) changes in the course of globalization. Human kind is on the moove. Borders are abolished and it is the question of identity that rangs first in many human lifes. We and our world are formed by manipulative desires, it is also the deadly sins who are on the moove. The world becomes more free, colourful, multifaceted and differenciated, while Faust and Mephisto go hand in hand through the streets.

It is in this very moment that an ancient tale becomes for the many a time interesting for me. It is a identity creating figure like Europe, that stands in the centre of my observation.

First I need to position myself: I was growing up in Germany in a time without war, I was educated in the DDR in a situation of an politcal island, and I am working now in a globalized world of constant expansion.
With this background I am asking myself as an artist: How do I form my subject and with which purpose?
What do I want to know about myself, what do I want to tell and experience? What of all this does also apply to the community? A community that nurtured me and that I want to share my life experience with. What means of expressions were given to me from a culture that doesn’t exist anymore, but that I can appoint to? What is the uniqueness in the life of the individual? And what is unique in the whole stage of a community? How do I communicate the questions that are dearest to me with my own artistic means? What did I learn in the DDR to do so, but what became useless, denunciatory and unuseable, even it might be important to keep it alive? We own an ancient european tradition of puppetery with which we can illustrate all important topics of the soul.